Judy Higgins, Owner/Principal Designer

JH3A designer since 1995, Judy has honed her talent over the years for developing targeted, effective visual communications. Her work in the nonprofit and public affairs sector has taught her to design with the message in mind and make every design choice count. Her approach is simple; in order to create materials that engage, inform and inspire, the design must be at once relevant, authoritative and beautiful. Above all, she understands (and appreciates) that each client is unique. The process of discovering a client’s essence and identity fuels her creative work and keeps it fresh.

She has done award-winning work for the Poetry Foundation, University of Illinois at Chicago, Perkins and Will and Women of the ELCA.

Prior to founding Union Design Inc, Judy co-founded Noh Design LLC and built a thriving design studio with clients such as Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Housing Action Illinois, the Poetry Foundation, Gallery 37, Chicago Housing Authority, University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University.

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