Are there any circumstances in which you wouldn’t want to update your materials?

Just like a home can build value over time, so can design.

I like to think of someone who still has an AOL email address in 2018. For a period, you might have wondered why that person wasn’t changing with the trends, but after a certain point, the address has become part of their brand consistency.

Another excellent example of this is Craigslist. Craigslist is still using the same UX as they did when the website launched over twenty years ago. Most companies have succumbed to the pressure to update, but Craigslist has remained consistent, they provide an inexpensive local platform to connect people with resources and opportunities they might need.

What is valuable both for an email or a website that remains consistent is that people already know what it is and how it works. These things become part of the reliability of the brand. The design is timeless. Though there are trends, if your design is based on a solid strategy and has been tested, don’t update just because you feel the pressure to be more trendy. The potential to create something timeless when an organization invests in laying a strategic foundation is part of the payoff of doing the hard work upfront.