Resonance is about what makes sense to who, so getting your materials in front of your potential audience can be a great way to understand what is working and make tweaks.

Beyond the specific design elements, a strong logo furthers positive associations with your organization. Do you feel that the logo accurately represents the organization? Do you like it? Are you proud of it? Does the logo —and the broader brand system— trigger positive emotions for your audience?

Undertaking this type of analysis of your materials and assets puts you in a great position to make more strategic and practical design decisions.

Often things can get framed as “right” or “wrong,” but, many things are either well understood or poorly understood. If your logo and branding materials are poorly received, that doesn’t have to mean a failure of your organization. It does mean you need to make some tweaks that allow your message to be understood.

Resonance is about connection, and connection takes effort. If you are committed to your mission, this kind of effort is always a worthwhile investment. In the non-profit world, many organizations serve people who might come from a different racial, class, educational, gender, ability, or religious background, and have to make sure their work is resonating with the people they want to help — sometimes this is uncomfortable. Don’t let that discomfort stop you from finding a real and genuine connection with your audience — the success of your work depends on it!